Galaxis Site Master Guard (SMG)

SMG is a full package product with all hardware and software equipment to  

monitor all power supply (AC & DC) , Central Battery systems (CBS), inverters and Battery Master Guard (Battery management )  in additional to other important  power sources such as Generators and STS  and could be integrated also with Galaxis Site Master Guard system to monitor extra environmental devices such as ( Humidity , Hydrogen Gas  and Electrolyte level for Flooded battery type as a one display of monitoring for all Galaxis  equipment and products  or any other equipment which supported by SNMP / Ethernet card. 


Scalability & Upgrading Features 

Our engineers support customers to get a customized solution to get optimum and efficient solution for Site Master Guard package as per priority and business planning and customer could benefit by the scalability and retrofit features  to upgrade the level of management to any certain  level  i.e customers could start by some important items for monitoring such as (AC power supply and Genset ) in the first structure of SMG and could upgrade after that to monitor extra other items such as (DC power supplies , HVAC, STS ..etc) till reach to full package of SMG which could monitor all site main items as follows :

All critical and Emergency Power supply such as (UPS, DC rectifiers, inverters, STS, CBS , solar power sources )