Solar Prodacts

Your air conditioner needs the most power when the sun is shining, a coincidence you can take advantage of with our ACDC12 solar air conditioner. It can keep an indoor area cool during the day for pennies. Literally, pennies, operating above SEER 35 with only two solar panels connected. Use this system to cool a small area or to augment a larger system. The unit uses solar energy up to 720w, and adds in utility power, with no need for batteries. Even when the sun is not shining at all, this ultra high-efficiency (SEER >20 without solar) heat pump will keep you comfortable and save you money using far less electricity than a normal AC or heat pump unit of the same capacity.   


DCAC96 uses as much solar energy as is available, make the air conditioner cost as pennies daytime and any running power shortfall is obtained from utility power with no need any batteries , built-in converter panel will switch and balance DC&AC automatically when sun enough or not.

DCAC96 not only acting on air conditioner , also help user earn & save much money : If user home installed the Bi-directional meter, the user can choose sell the power from solar PV panel to city power grid, or let other electrical appliances (freezer, wash machine, TV, computer etc. ) using solar PV power when air conditioner no need operation in the daytime .

So the solar PV panel Power no any waste though air conditioner not open or just operation some hours in the daytime. This DCAC96 make the solar power be effective used in large extent and bring you biggest benefit .


Off Grid Solar HVAC

Using technology similar to SEER 27 air conditioners, the DC2418VRF compressor runs on DC power at various frequencies and refrigerant flow depending on cooling load. The all-DC solar air conditioner uses DC power directly without needing an inverter or other AC power source. Due to solar voltage fluctuations the unit cannot connect directly to solar panels and must have a stable source of power such as batteries.