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Galaxis-GmbH is an Austrian company located in the middle of Europe in vienna; and  providing total power & software solutions for a critical and emergency applications; we are not only providing traditional products and materials for (B to B , or B to C) business models ; we support our customers , our  local agents and our  representatives by complete technical innovative solutions for solving a common power & energy problems such as, power disturbances, power insufficient quality and renewable energy usable .

Also, our target is to provide a new hardware and software products by using innovative solutions to cover all customer demands for earning a clean and reliable energy (AC and DC) in additional to the possibility of integration with renewable multi-sources to cover all purposes such as data centers, industrial, banking, military and most other critical applications for different requirements such as:

- Tie-grid clean uninterrupted high available (AC & DC) power source for critical loads.

- Hybrid solution to supply critical loads with green benefits such as (solution of green it rooms & green data centers infra-structures).

-Off-grid solutions for all purposes.

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