PV Solar Solutions

Galaxis  solar systems extend your scope of action due to a direct utilization of solar energy.

Our solutions are therefore a significant contributions based on our long track record of solar business which make our company has the ability to make innovative and unique solar solutions couldn’t be available in other European market such as (PV solar Generator, PV solar UPS and hybrid Solar solutions by integration of solar system with other traditional power sources such as AC or DC Generator or with any AC or DC extra power supplies  to get the multi –functions of Solar system by supply the critical loads with high available and reliable solution and also, keeping the advantage of normal tie-Grid solar system by export the excessive energy to the smart grid which means we can provide a total green power solution with high available level such as (N+N or N+X) according to High level of  Tier classifications for supply a stable , clean , energy saving power for  IT & Data center applications .