Battery Life Master Guard (BLMG) for UPS, CBS, Solar systems

Patent System with integrated software license to manage and control any type of battery technology (Lead Acid VRLA Sealed / Dry / Flooded, NICD, NIMH and recently most type of LI-ION) this system is working by active equalizing technology to extend the battery life time and monitor each battery cell parameters (Voltage / Temperature / Impedance) and optional current for each battery string moreover optional external parameters could be integrated for monitoring through Site Master Guard system which could monitor ( Humidity , Hydrogen Gas  and Electrolyte level for Flooded battery type. 

Patented Battery Management System with Equalizing/Balancing,Charging Voltage Regulation and Remote MaintenanceWorking with Any UPS and Battery brandsWorking with all Battery technologies and Voltages Fully web-BasedAvoidance of sudden Battery failures.Enhancement of Battery Life by 20-50 % for Normal and standard site conditions