Central Power supply GCPSS

The safety power supply solutions offered by Galaxis ensure the protection of emergency lighting and fire safety systems, while meeting the requirements of "worker protection" and "ERP" regulations.

These solutions are also compliant with EN 50171/NF C 71-815-1 1 (general requirements for central power supply systems for emergency lighting) and EN 54-4 / NF S 61-940 (general requirements and regulations for safety power supplies for fire safety systems, such as, for example, smoke extraction equipment).

Safety power supply solutions are ideal for use in airports, stations and railways, car parks, train stations, schools and universities, hospitals, shopping centres, cinemas, theatres, museums, public buildings, company offices, hotels, and stadiums, etc.

With Galaxi-Multi-Control 19” central power supply system acc. to EN 50171 und BGV A3 for use in emergency systems with 230V/216V AC/DC Or integrated power pack 3ph -380 AC system  , acc. to DIN VDE 0100-718, DIN EN 50172 und E DIN VDE 0108-100. With single lamp monitoring without additional cables, free-programmable circuits and integrated Web-Server.

Central power supply system in 19“-technique for the supply of emergency lighting during mains failures. This production series allows the connection to LED lamps, fluorescent luminaires or tungsten halogen lamps. The system can be expanded via a serial or TCP/IP connection to a total of 32 devices or substations. That way a maximum of 3072 circuits and accordingly 61440 luminaires can be connected and controlled.